Double Defense

Double Defense

LifePharm Laminine & Immune+++ Double Defense

Taking LifePharm IMMUNE+++ and Laminine as a daily food supplement provides a solid Double Defense for your immune system. This perfect combination is critical in maintaining a healthy body and ward off oxidants, viruses, and bacteria.

Laminine Supplement

Laminine food supplement activates existing stem cells in the body to repair damaged cells, nerves, muscles, or bones. When the body is compromised by deadly viruses and pathogens, the body can withstand invasion if it has reached homeostasis. This means that you have balanced hormones, healthy cells, tissues, and stress-free. Laminine has been tested for these qualities. Laminine contains FGF that helps retain our body’s integrity on a deep DNA cellular level.

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Immune Plus

LifePharm IMMUNE+++ is the front line defense against pathogens that gives the body the tools it needs to fight foreign organisms. It is formulated to boost the immune health and immunity response against viruses and infections. Taking IMMUNE plus provides for 24-hour immune support. IMMUNE+++ contains blends of mushrooms, plants, and time-released ascorbic acid.

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